Safe Church Safe Communities (formerly known as Keep God's People Safe)
Click here for the Online Instructions and Saint James Password. Follow the instructions and provide a copy of your completion to the Parish Office.

The Diocese of Chicago is committed to doing everything in its power to maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere for the children and adults who are members of its congregations, attend its programs or participate in its ministries. We require all who serve in our church to complete Safe Church, Safe Communities training, created by the Episcopal Church Task Force to Develop Model Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies and Safe Church Training.

Updated policies and training requirements are currently being reviewed. When adopted, a formal training matrix will be provided. For now, the requirements below are include:

Clergy, paid church staff, elected leaders, lay pastoral leaders, adults who work with children and youth, and others in lay leadership roles are required to take both the Universal Training and Specialty Training modules. Key holders, youth who work with children, and youth who have leadership roles in the church are required to take the Universal training.

Universal Training – Introduction & Theological Background, Organizational Rules & Policies, Healthy Boundaries, and Inclusion

Specialty Training – Abuse & Neglect, Power & Relationships, Pastoral Relationships, and Bullying,